About the Official New Zealand Pest Register

Official New Zealand Pest Register

Welcome to the new Official New Zealand Pest Register. This online tool replaces BORIC*, the UOR** and the Country Freedom Status lists.

The Official New Zealand Pest Register (ONZPR) is the site for official information about pests and disease causing organisms in New Zealand, authorised by the Ministry for Primary Industries.

New Zealand is an island country and as such, enjoys the benefits of an effective, natural quarantine barrier. However, New Zealand is also a trading nation that imports a wide range of products from all parts of the world, which poses a continual threat to our plant and animal health status. An integrated biosecurity system, ranging from offshore measures to exotic pest response, has been developed to manage these risks.

New Zealand is an exporter of agriculture, horticulture and forestry products and the New Zealand economy is largely dependent on these activities. The absence of many serious pests and diseases, and the establishment of an integrated biosecurity system provide and maintain a competitive advantage for access into many markets.

The ONZPR lists information about pests, disease causing organisms, and marine pests. The information provided includes their official regulatory status. The following status classifications are listed:

  • Unwanted
  • Notifiable
  • Regulated
  • Non-regulated
  • Not assessed
  • Actionable
  • New organism
  • Not-new organism
  • Prohibited
  • New Zealand country freedom.

Further information about these status classifications can be found in status definitions.

The ONZPR is primarily a database for holding regulatory information. It includes information about taxonomy, synonyms, and common names to improve the ability to search for organisms. It is not an authoritative register for the latest scientific or taxonomic information on organisms. This information is best sourced from other specialised databases.

We are continually working to improve the accuracy of the ONZPR. Please contact us if you find any pest-related information which you believe to be incorrect.

*BORIC - Biosecurity Organisms Register for Imported Commodities
**UOR - Unwanted Organisms Register

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